T2T textile to textile POLYESTER
T2T textile to textile POLYESTER
Our Susteinability
Our Susteinability

Becoming an enterprise that continues to grow while demonstrating concern for the environment, society, and the economy


We will strive to realize the post-carbon society, and will take action to help leave the planet in a good condition for the children of the future.


We will work to build a society in which all people can enjoy healthy, safe lives.


We will address environmental and social problems, and we will give back by helping to realize environmental sustainability and sustainable growth for society.

Being a company that all of our stakeholders – including customers, suppliers and employees – feel gratitude for, view as being necessary, and see as playing a useful role in society

A cycle of gratitude

A cycle of gratitude

The results of gratitude = Profits (added value)

Our environmental initiatives

In line with the Toyota Tsusho Group’s Environmental Policy, we are implementing various initiatives, including the promotion of environmentally-friendly business and the strengthening of activities based on environmental management systems, and we have been awarded ISO 14001 certification on a global basis. We are also working actively to implement environmental activities in our day-to-day operations, for example by working to reduce the environmental footprint of our offices. We are ISO 14001 certified – This is the ISO 14001 certification logo mark.

certified ISO 14001 SO 14001 logomark

The Toyota Tsusho Group’s Environmental Policy

  1. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will strive to reduce the following impacts on the environment by preventing and reducing environmental pollution, while placing a high priority on not disturbing the global environment in conducting business.
    • ・Responding to climate change by measures such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • ・Safeguarding forests and biodiversity
    • ・Realizing efficient utilization of resources and energy
    • ・Using water efficiently and reducing the amount of water used in water-stressed regions
  2. We will work together with our affiliates and business partners to promote environment-related businesses, such as those relating to the efficient use of waste and the preservation of natural resources, and will contribute toward the realization of a resource-circulating economy and society.
  3. We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations relevant to our business activities, with industry standards, etc., and with other requirements that our company is in agreement with.
  4. We will implement activities to safeguard the environment through the establishment of an environmental management system, and we will aim to realize continuous improvement through periodic review and the application of creative ideas.
  5. We will aim to enhance environmental awareness among our officers and employees through the provision of environmental education and by promoting a thorough understanding of our environmental policy among all officers and employees.