T2T textile to textile POLYESTER
T2T textile to textile POLYESTER
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Our goal is to contribute to tackling challenges in society that the textile and fashion industry faces – for instance, how to achieve carbon neutrality or reduce apparel losses. We address them through our operations that form the lifecycle of the textile and fashion industry, in which they rotate, merge and connect with each other, exerting their respective qualities that make them worthwhile.

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PATCHWORKSTMProject Products

Chemical Recycled Polyester material featuring a textile-to-textile circularity

Recycled Cotton material made by methods with less environmental harm

Chemical Recycled Nylon material made from fishnets reclaimed by Bureo, a local-community supporting business

Recycled Nylon 66 material made from airbag production scraps

Recycled polyester material conducive to reducing ocean bound plastics

Synthetic Leather developed from food waste destined to be thrown out

Recycled Polyester material, a modified cross-section fiber made from used PET bottles

Highly functional material used for many outdoor and other clothing brand names

Washi (traditional Japanese-style paper) material made from coniferous tree thinnings and abaca

Other Products

Fair-trade cotton material conducive to solving social problems and weaving a sustainable future